• Forole Sacred Mountains

    A view of Forole Sacred Mountains at the Kenya - Ethiopia Border

  • Konso Blacksmith

    A Konso blacksmith with apprentice on Hurri Hills

  • Ngurnit Mountains

    Ngurnit, the home of Lemusii hunter gatherers of the Ndoto Mountains

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    Raising community awareness

  • Camel Caravan

    A camel caravan at the 2013 Kalacha Festival

Kalacha Food and Music Festival 2016

Theme: Promoting cultures, identities and development

Kivulini Trust is pleased to announce the fifth annual Kalacha Cultural Food and Music Festival to be held in Kalacha, Marsabit County in Northern Kenya, between 5th to 8th August 2016.

This four day event will showcase the diversity of the region’s social cultural and natural heritage through artistic expressions, traditional foods, and medicinal plants, performances of songs and dances and demonstration of traditional technology.  The event is also a space for communities of Northern Kenya to interact, exchange knowledge, share experience and aspirations.  

Participating communities include the Boran, Burji, Daasanach El-Molo Gabbra, Garri, Konso Rendille Samburu Saakuye, Sidama Somali,Turkana and  Waayu of Marsabit and Isiolo Counties of Northern Kenya.

In addition, the celebration is expected to attract local and international visitors from all walks of life including scientists, leaders, musicians, tourists, and representatives of civil societies from Kenya and abroad. 

Kalacha is located approximately 700km north of the city of Nairobi. The town of Kalacha stands at the south-eastern corner of Chalbi desert on a permanent oasis surrounded by scenic doum palm and acacia woodland.  The Cultural Center is situated about three kilometers to the north-west of Kalacha town along the Kalacha-North Horr road.  

Kivulini Trust has the pleasure to invite you to this event and to Northern Kenya to enjoy this memorable experience.

For any queries contact through the following:

P.O. Box 381-00242 Kitengela, Kenya; Tel: +254-786 551 436, +254-707 058 444, +254-721 301 150,

                                         Email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Website www.kivulinitrust.org

 Welcome All!



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