• Forole Sacred Mountains

    A view of Forole Sacred Mountains at the Kenya - Ethiopia Border

  • Konso Blacksmith

    A Konso blacksmith with apprentice on Hurri Hills

  • Ngurnit Mountains

    Ngurnit, the home of Lemusii hunter gatherers of the Ndoto Mountains

  • Community Awareness

    Raising community awareness

  • Camel Caravan

    A camel caravan at the 2013 Kalacha Festival

Welcome to Kivulini Trust

Kivulini Trust is registered under the Trustees Act, Laws of Kenya as a non-profit, non-political institution that exists to reconnect pastoralist and other minority groups of Northern Kenya.

We draw on the wisdom inherent in our communities’ traditional cultural systems and practices, and believe in their power to shape their own destiny - in order to create sustainable livelihoods and inspire the protection and celebration of their rich cultural and natural heritage.


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